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Information to help you choose your wedding cake
  • These are suggested questions to ask your cake decorator when receiving quotes and having appointments.

    1. Request a sample of the cake you wish to have as your wedding cake to make sure you are happy with the taste.
    2. Ask if you can have different flavours for different tiers or cup cakes. Find out if there is an extra charge for this.
    3. Find out when the cakes are cooked before the wedding. You do not want your cake to be stale.
    4. Find out exactly what size the cakes are, so you are able to compare quotes (eg: 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch etc).
    5. Request if you can view some of the cake decorator’s work.
    6. Ask if the cake will be delivered on the day and set up if cup cakes or do you need to pick the cake up and do this yourself.
    7. If you are having fresh flowers will the cake decorator provide these or your florist. Are they included in the price or are they extra.
    8. Ask if the venue charges ‘cakage’ to have you cake as dessert. You may find it is cheaper to have a cup cake or mini iced style wedding cake than a tiered one depending on the venue charges.
      • Storing the top tier of your wedding cake

        Mud cakes and fruit cakes which have had there seals broken must be frozen. All cakes with butter cream or fudge frosting on also must be frozen. Remove all of the icing decorations (icing flowers and figurines) as well as any fresh flowers before freezing.
        Fruit cakes which are fully sealed on there base may be kept in a box with cellophane over the top (not glad wrap as this will make the cake sweat) to allow the cake to breath. Kept in a cool dark place the cake should last safely for 2-4 years.

      • Storing your icing flowers or figurines

        Icing flowers and figurines must be kept in an airtight container (class cheese dome, Perspex box, or glass cabinet). Placing some silicon gel or an open container of cornflour in with the icing decorations will help keep the moisture away. Under no circumstances should this decoration be refrigerated or frozen. Regular hair spray can be used to spray your decorations to preserve them.
        “MAKE SURE NOBODY EATS THEM AFTER THIS PROCESS: Stored Correctly these products should last for years.

Table of portions

Size Of Cake Coffee Style Dessert Style
13cm/5in Round 14 portions 7 portions
13cm/5in Square 16 portions 8 portions
15cm/6in Round 22 portions 11 portions
15cm/6in Square 27 portions 14 portions
18cm/7in Round 30 portions 15 portions
18cm/7in Square 40 portions 20 portions
20cm/8in Round 40 portions 20 portions
20cm/8in Square 54 portions 27 portions
23cm/9in Round 54 portions 27 portions
23cm/9in Square 70 portions 35 portions
25cm/10in Round 68 portions 34 portions
25cm/10in Square 90 portions 45 portions
27.5cm/11in Round 86 portions 43 portions
27.5cm/11in Square 112 portions 56 portions
30cm/12in Round 100 portions 50 portions
30cm/12in Square 134 portions 67 portions
This is an approximation guide put out by the" Cake Decorators Association Of Western Australia Inc." It appears in the "Icing News For Easter & Mothers Day Volume 22-Issue1 January/February/March 2001" This is the official newsletter of the Cake Decorators Association Of W.A. (Inc)

Wedding cake is traditionally served in 2.5cm/1in square pieces, or 5cm/2in X 1cm/1/2in slices. The information in the table will help to calculate what size cake is needed for the number of guests invited.