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Have a look at the yummy flavours made at Kakes By Karen

Standard flavours that we have available for tasting at appointments:

    1. Dark Mud
    2. White Mud (egg free)
    3. Jaffa Mud
    4. Lemon Citrus Mud (egg free)
    5. Marbled Dark and White Mud
    6. Traditional Fruit Cake
  • Can use gluten free flour for all these recipes.

Other flavours that we make on a regular basis for our customers:

    1. Chocolate Hazelnut (gluten free)
    2. Chocolate Almond (gluten free)
    3. Orange and Almond (gluten free)
    4. Caramel Mud Cake (egg free)
    5. Lemon Raspberry Mud Cake (egg free)
    6. Vanilla Buttercake
    7. Light Chocolate Cake (egg free or with eggs)
    8. Chocolate Peppermint Choc Chip Mud Cake
    9. Mocha Mud Cake
    10. Bucci Cake
    11. Tortes and Gateaux (We suggest for these the cake be polystyrene for the tier that has cream or custard so nobody gets sick)

Being pastry chefs, we are happy to create a flavour that suits you. When making you something that we do not normally make we do a sample first (before event) to make sure you are happy with the taste!